A bespoke set of service lines focused on investment advisory and asset management services across all commercial asset classes


Burlington Real Estate provides a full suite of investment acquisition and disposal services to numerous clients across the region. Our team tracks deals, presents opportunities and acquires property investments according to the strategy and needs of our clients. Our team is both discreet and professional in delivering our advice which includes underwriting the asset, negotiating terms and undertaking full commercial due diligence. Our extensive market relationships, with owners and agents alike, helps us to identify prospects and pursue attractive deals. Our team represents sellers looking to partially or wholly dispose of a property or portfolio. From the outset our team looks to understand the client’s strategy and carry out sale side due diligence to understand the property in full. We will prepare a high-quality investment memorandum and present this to a bespoke list of investors agreed with the client in advance. We will oversee the negotiation of the term sheet, set up the virtual data room and supervise the due diligence process. Our team also works on joint ventures, forward funding deals, forward commitments and can advise on more complex deal structures.


Our team provides an exclusive due diligence and commercial underwriting service. This undertaking would be part of any investment acquisition or asset management instruction. In addition, where an investor has sourced its own deal, our due diligence report provides additional value, either supporting the investment decision or raising issues which may have been missed or overlooked. Our reporting is tailored to the needs of the client with an eye to detail, sustainability and exit. We will read and summarise lease agreements to compare them against the rent roll and to identify any onerous clauses. Our team will also study rent and service charge collection, the non-recoverable cost schedule, the tenancy mix strength, marketing and leasing activities and all other aspects of the property that effect its investment performance. Our team is proficient in preparing financial appraisals and can assist investors in their analysis. We make recommendations on appraisal assumptions where we can advise on elements influencing deal performance post acquisition.


Our highly experienced financial services team provides both domestic and international clients customized advisory and integrated capital solutions for all assets. These services include providing high level relationships with banks, sourcing of debt term sheets, comparing offers, advising on the conditions, financial modelling, negotiating agreements and dealing with banks’ underwriters during due diligence. Our long-standing position in both the debt and equity markets allows us access to a diverse array of global capital sources and, in concert with our expertise in underwriting and executing complex structured transactions, offers our clients a demonstrated track record of maximizing value and transaction terms, fine-tuned to reflect current market conditions and emerging trends and forecasts. We advise a broad array of real estate investors from private entrepreneurs to major institutional investors seeking strategic advice and execution services customized to their needs, requirements and specific real estate assets.


Our asset management team delivers pre-acquisition due diligence, value improvement programs, subconsultant supervision and monthly reporting services. Our philosophy is to provide tailored, high performance and measurable solutions to deliver effective asset enhancing initiatives. These activities might include financial restructuring, refurbishment or planned maintenance work schedule, planning changes, releasing, lease re-gearing, extensions, rent reviews, innovative marketing initiatives and other measures to boost performance. From the outset our team will carry out detailed due diligence and prepare a business plan setting out key financial and non-financial objectives for both the year ahead and holding period of the asset. Throughout the year, we will also provide regular market reports. This will be backed up by a wide selection of research data consolidated by our own practical and realistic advice. We will tender, select and supervise service providers to deliver the best value contracts, including: property management, leasing and agency, technical services, accounting, tax, book keeping, legal services and valuers.